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        Guangzhou Jennon Textile Technology Co., Ltd.-蘆溪縣杰能生物科技有限公司官網 chinese

        A leading service provider of Textile Auxiliaries in manufacturing and Research & Development

        Service Hotline

        Hong Kong: +852 - 6078 7683
        Malaysia: + 6012-223 8393

        我們的優勢/ Our strengths


        High performance and smooth


        Excellent thermal stability


        High standard raw materials


        Various dosage forms


        Avirulent and tasteless


        New environmental protection

        我們的核心實力/ Our core strength


        Powerful and Reliable

        Over 20 years of focus on amide production and customization, with rich experience

        Sells well all over the country and high market recognition

        Won the title of industry user satisfaction brand many times


        Excellent R&D, complete qualification

        Excellent R&D team, introducing advanced design software to realize computerization of product design and development

        The laboratory has a full set of testing equipment for raw and auxiliary materials and major performances of products

        Combined with the EU ROHS directive, it is a trusted supplier of Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC


        After-sales service guarrantee

        Customized is supported to every product, can meet all special requirements of different clients

        Providing packing design,trainning and other service

        Immediate reponds for after-sales issue

        關于我們/ About us

        Company Profile

        Guangzhou Jennon Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a textile chemical technology enterprise integrating in R&D, manufacturing, application of overall dyeing performance and sales. Furthermore, we are working closely with a few of local Textile professional institutions and foreign companies, in order to develop more solution items to support dyeing performance.  Its main business is textile chemicals, including acid dyes, dyeing pre-treatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, post-finishing auxiliaries, special-style finishing agents, and functional finishing auxiliaries. 

        There are more than 300 products in the series, and the products are mainly sold to domestic and international regions such as Southeast Asia, the Pearl River Delta, and the Yangtze River Delta. With the tenet of "Professionalism, Innovation, Quality and Service", the company takes the direction of doing fine work, and takes the technical innovation and excellent management as the engine to develop steadily in the field of textile chemicals.

        With years of experience in the printing and dyeing and textile industries, Guangzhou Jennon Textile Technology Co., Ltd. has provided a complete set of solutions for multiple customers, providing free R & D proofing, free home inspection products. A company not only just selling products, but more on service.


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